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Second Company Trip: Club Med Phuket, Thailand
September 23, 2013
In the News: Soft Space continues to expand in Thailand
October 5, 2013

The Asian Entrepreneur Magazine recently interviewed our founder and CEO, Chang Chew Soon. The issue featured Chew Soon’s journey with Soft Space from the light bulb moment to what it is today.

Introducing Soft Space and how the company came about, Chew Soon shared his thoughts, plans and insights on how he initially marketed the solution to attaining funding, the ups and downs he faced throughout his journey and the future for the company.

Chew Soon shared, “I’ve learned that humility goes a long way, and it is extremely important that we remain humble and maintain the appetite to always learn from others. There will always be someone who will be better in what you do, and to acknowledge that fact and turn it into a positive drive will go a long way.”

During the interview, Chew Soon also shared his two cents and advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, “My thoughts goes out to all the entrepreneurs in the world and no matter what challenges you may face, keep a positive attitude and success will come your way”.

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