In the News: Soft Space Pioneering Payments, on BFM 89.9

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December 3, 2013
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December 24, 2013

PETALING JAYA: Soft Space was privileged enough to be invited by Malek Ali of BFM 89.9, to share a little more about the company and its plans of 2014. Interviewed by the amazing Freda Liu; Chang Chew Soon, Chris Leong and Toh Yit Ming shared some insights about Soft Space in the Open For Business segment.

The team with Freda Liu

“How did the idea come about?” The question, which was close to heart yet mentioned countless times, was the first thing Freda touched. Never the less, Chew Soon explained his light bulb moment to the journey of forming the Soft Space team. “It’s a lot of blood & sweat. Are you in?” asked Chew Soon to Yit Ming, co-founder and CTO of Soft Space. Since then, together, they have built a company of 30 employees.
Moving on to explain what the solution is about, Chew Soon said “what we are trying to achieve is allowing card payments to happen over the phone in a secure manner”. Yit Ming also added that compared to competitors, the look and feel may be alike but processing wise, Soft Space differs.

Chris and Chew Soon posing for the camera before their interview with Freda Lui

Chew Soon continued to shared the journey in attaining certifications, landing the first contract and the current market needs amongst merchants. He didn’t fail to show his gratitude towards Tan Sri Vincent Lee, Soft Space’s angel investor.

“Good people with the right attitude” is what Chris mentioned when asked about the Soft Space culture. He further elaborated that Soft Space has a disruptive technology that creates impact and value hence he believed in Chew Soon, his best friend since primary 1, in leaving his career at Cradle Fund Malaysia to join Soft Space.

Chew Soon dishing out insights about Soft Space

The interview ended with a brief summary of Soft Space’s plans in 2014.

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