Global Payments supports Soft Space Mobile Tap in Taiwanese Market

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Powered by Soft Space’s Tap to Phone solution, Mobile Tap turns Android devices into contactless payment terminals in a quest to further spur Taiwan’s cashless payment culture


Kuala Lumpur, 1 September 2021 – Global Payments Inc, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software services, today announced their support to Soft Space Mobile Tap, a new smartphone-based payment acceptance solution for merchants in Taiwan.

Developed by Soft Space, the world’s leading SoftPOS player, the solution provides merchants and consumers in Taiwan with a digital, contactless payment option that addresses health concerns and evolving consumer preferences.

According to the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute in Taiwan, mobile payments have increased 42% in Taiwan since the pandemic began while cash payments have fallen 33.4%.

“We strive to provide cutting edge digital payment options to Taiwan’s small business owners and individual sellers,” said Sean Fu, Senior Vice President of Greater China with Global Payments Asia Pacific. “We pride ourselves in the role we play helping entrepreneurs build stronger local economies and vibrant communities. We will continue delivering market-leading payments and software solutions so businesses can cultivate their vision of success.”

“The launch of Soft Space Mobile Tap in Taiwan shows that our solution fits even one of the most competitive acquiring markets in the world,” said Joel Tay, Chief Executive Officer of Soft Space. “Alongside Global Payments, Visa, and MasterCard, we’re helping the contactless payment culture to thrive as merchants adopt our innovative, low-cost and secure payment technology.”

Card association partners including Visa Taiwan and MasterCard Taiwan are the official solution providers Global Payments engaged to help offer Mobile Tap to merchants.

“The pandemic accelerated consumer digital payment adoption,” said Michelle Jao, General Manager of Visa Taiwan. “According to Visa Net data in July 2021, eight out of every 10 payments transactions in Taiwan were contactless. Our collaboration with Global Payments Asia Pacific will help businesses digitize their payments offerings and bring more efficiency to their operations, enabling them to participate in digital commerce as it continues to evolve. Visa will continue to support efforts to drive higher adoption of mobile payments, which brings greater financial inclusion to everyone.”

With Mobile Tap, merchants can turn NFC-enabled Android smartphones or tablets into portable handheld payment terminals.

“The pandemic has wholly changed the payments ecosystem,” said Eva Chen, Country Manager, Taiwan Mastercard. “According to a Mastercard online survey, over 75% of consumers have been using mobile payment methods more frequently since the pandemic. Therefore, it is urgent to enable digital transformation for merchants. Our partnership with Global Payments Asia Pacific will help merchants from traditional markets and shopping areas — including taxis and street vendors — turn their mobile phones into contactless enabled terminals, allowing consumers to enjoy a secure and convenient payment experience.”

The payment use cases for Mobile Tap include delivery services, exhibition related businesses, pop-up stores, taxis, food stalls, home repair providers and more. Global Payments has begun supporting Mobile Tap to restaurants, food delivery and exhibition sellers and others will be added on a rolling basis.

Soft Space today serves over 30 financial service institutions globally. Soft Space’s Tap to Phone technology is the world’s first SoftPOS solution to support secure PIN entry. The solution has received endorsements from major card schemes such as Visa and MasterCard. Soft Space has deployed its Tap to Phone technology with some of the largest financial service institutions and corporate enterprises in the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.