In the News: Soft Space’s regional business takes off

In the News: Soft Space takes big steps into mobile payment industry
March 21, 2013
Finalist for the Asian SESAMES Awards 2013
March 28, 2013

Having spent eight months knocking on Malaysian banks’ doors, we finally landed our first big deal, but it wasn’t a Malaysian one. Instead, it was with Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank.

K-Merchant on Mobile service, powered by Soft Space was recently launched early last month in Bangkok, Thailand. The platform is being picked up by Amway’s active members, Muang Thai Life Assurance and domestic airline Nok Air.

“It’s great, because we now have a proof-of-concept and market figures with which we can convince Malaysian banks,” says Chris Leong, director of corporate and strategy planning at Soft Space.

Leong also spoke to A. Asohan (Digital News Asia) about his mixed emotions for launching first with a regional bank and how close we are to signing on two Malaysian banks, while growing the business regionally through close partnerships.

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Soft Space’s regional business takes off

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Soft Space’s regional business takes off