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February 24, 2014
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By Bernama, The Edge Malaysia – Source

Kuala Lumpur: Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd will provide the Plug n Pay by CIMB Bank (Plug n Pay) payment device facility to Takaful IKHLAS agents, in an effort to ease mobile payment transactions with its customers.

Plug n Pay is a chip-based mobile business or sales solution, which offered an affordable, yet a guaranteed means for businesses of any sizes, to manage their electronic payment using smart phones and tablets.

Takaful Ikhlas agents only need insert the Plug n Pay card reader into their mobile device and it would be ready to accept signature-based credit and debit cards, to perform business transactions using the mobile application.

“We believe the Plug n Pay device will benefit our customers and ease the business transaction made by our agency workforce, who are always on the go, especially when reaching out to customers, who wish to subscribe to any of our financial protection products and services.”

“Transactions can now be done anytime, anywhere, and the device enables our agency workforce to close deals with the customers immediately,” Takaful Ikhlas President and Chief Executive Officer, Ab Latiff Abu Bakar, said in a statement today.

He said, the introduction of Plug n Pay device to all Takaful Ikhlas agents, would begin with agency heads nationwide.

The first phase started in the Klang Valley on March 29, and would be followed by agency heads from other regions, who would be equipped with the device to facilitate their business transactions, he added.

Transactions done through the Plug n Pay device facilitates payment and provides numerous benefits to customers, as the transactions were secured, since customers’ personal or account details were not stored in the card reader.

The statement said that once a transaction is validated, an electronic receipt was issued immediately to the customer, via email or short messaging service.

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Note: Plug n Pay by CIMB is powered by Soft Space.